Happiness in a suitcase. How to choose the right bag for flights.

08 November 2016  
Ольга Ефремова
main photo - static.pexels.com

A travel bag is the most crucial companion of travelers. You should be able to rely on your suitcase. Just like friends - you should choose your bag wisely. The material, size, accessories and even the colour all make a difference! Your new suitcase will be used to travel all different parts of the world. Buy cheap flights! Use our service airinme.com.


Cloth bags made of nylon, polyester and polyamide have a number of advantages. They’re relatively light. A good suitcase has fabric which can be water-repellent - which is why you shouldn’t buy the cheapest option. The suitcases also allow you to cram more things in and they can expand. The surface of the suitcase can’t be scratched and when it’s dirty you can easily clean it. However, it is worth remembering that the likelihood of someone else having the same luggage bag is quite high. So fragile items in these suitcases should be avoided. But the clothes fit perfectly!

Plastic suitcases are also very practical and inexpensive. Keep in mind that if the manufacturers have made your luggage using cheap plastic, your trunk can easily crack when loading or unloading or crack under the weight of other bags. Another minus is that these bags can be easily scratched, so you have to carefully wrap them with plastic wrap if you want to keep them looking decent longer. But a significant plus is that plastic doesn’t transmit moisture. Companies who sold their suitcases with snaps instead of zippers claim that they’re almost 100 percent airtight therefore a reliable option is a suitcase with plastic or titanium clips.

Leather suitcases really don’t have any advantages.They’re lot more expensive and in practicality nothing wins: they weigh a lot and can be easily scratched.


There is a typical size of luggages when taking into account the standards for transport of goods of most airlines. A small suitcase which you can take with you on the plane as hand luggage - usually has a capacity of 20-25 kg and a height of 45-55 cm. Remember, a case like this can be easily stored in the shelf above the seats of the plane. However depending on the interior, there may be exceptions. The average bag can hold 25 to 70 kg and the height reaching up to 66 cm. Large bags on the other hand hold 70 kg and are 80 cm tall. Remember that no matter how spacious your bag is, all airlines have their own rules on weight and size. For those who fly in general, the mark of 32 kg shouldn’t be exceeded.

Pockets inside suitcases are good if you carry any lot of small things. But remember, if they’re located around the outer surfaces of the bag or close to the frame, fragile items shouldn’t be put there. External pockets are easily accessible to a thief and usually don’t protect the contents from damage. However, the plus is the ability to quickly find something without turning everything upside down inside your luggage. Vacuum suitcases can be safely taken around as their without compartments and pockets. Luggages like these help to significantly reduce the amount of things to protect against dirt and moisture and even from pressure - making things very tight.

If the suitcase has a special pocket, you can put your information here in case you lose your bag.


Wheels are almost the most important attribute of a modern convenient suitcase. Usually there can be two or four. Four-wheel models are only suitable for perfectly flat surfaces. Therefore, if you need to get to the airport and/or will be needing to roll a suitcase on the pavement, take a two-wheeled it’s more maneuverable. However, by the laws of physics, you’ll end up carry some of the weight in your luggage.

Luggage wheels made of cast polysilicon and poly plastic are the top choices. Wheels shouldn’t rattle on the go. Also keep in mind that mount wheels should be metal.

Packed bags sometimes tend to fall due to unbalanced weight. In order to not stress about packing your suitcase the right way according to gravity, buy a suitcase with an additional emphasis. It can be fixed or retractable.


Fabric or plastic handles should be located at the top and/or the side of your suitcase. Well, if they are dense they’re embedded in the body of the suitcase screws. Handles will not only help you but also the baggage handlers - thus reducing the risk of damage. Retractable telescopic handles are without a doubt the most convenient for bags on wheels. The preferable choice is the entire handle structure to be metal but plastic can be good too. Before buying, check whether the handle fits your height.


In the matter of colour, feel free to choose whatever you like! Basically, the brighter the suitcase, the faster you’ll find it on the baggage carousel, and the possibility that someone else will randomly take your suitcase is almost zero. However, bright bags usually stain easier. If your suitcase is not bright and not a very common colour, you’ll have to look for it among the hundred bags which look the same. The average suitcase typically goes on about 10-15 flights, the expensive one is not always the best one. So to have a suitcase which will last, choose a design and model you’ll love.