7 simple ways to save on flights


How to save when buying a flight? The main thing is to know when to book and where to buy. We'll show you a few ways to fly from A to B at a reasonable price.

Book in advance

If you really want to save, you should search and book cheap flights in advance. It is important to keep in mind that airfares are cheaper when you book 11 months in advance. Therefore, if you are planning to take a trip during the summer, book in winter. Thus, the summer holiday is taken care of. Some flights go on sale even earlier - 18 months before the departure date. Typically, flights are operated to the resorts during the popular seasons. However, in this case, will be able to buy discounted flights only closer to the date of departure.

Be flexible

Demand affects the cost of flights. Choose departure dates which are the least popular. Avoid weekends - fly mid-week or off-season. Choose connections with the longest waiting time. Your patience and prudence will help save you money.

Search for discounts for children

If you plan to fly with children that before buying the flight, find and compare airline conditions. This is a real chance to save. Some carriers do not charge a fee for young passengers aged up to two years if they do not occupy a seat. You can find discounts on flights for children and the elderly, all depends on the airline's policy. At the same time, be careful when choosing flights loukosterov. They can offer a nominal discount for children. For example, a child flight may not include baggage allowance, then you may even have to pay a premium.

Compromising on extras

Read carefully what is included in the price of your flight. This can be food on board, the opportunity to choose a place in the cabin baggage. Consider whether you can abandon that and reduce their spending? Keep in mind that low at first glance, air fares can be deceiving. If, however, you have to pay extra for some services, you should choose another company, where they are included in the flight price. For example, British Airways allows passengers with children free to choose seats in the cabin, so that the family feel comfortable.

Accumulating bonus miles

Save possible thanks to bonuses accrued as airlines and banks for the use of their products. But they do not accumulate specifically need. Free airline flight you still will not give. At least half of the cost of the flight will have to make as payment of taxes and fees. The best option - to save bonuses, making thus useful for yourself activities such as paying off your plastic card. Just be sure that the service you connected.

Subscribe to deals and promotions

Sign up for airlines news, and you will always be aware of their discounts. Also, stay tuned in the airline industry. Only appeared on the market, companies tend to make the first serious discounts to customers to stimulate sales.

Always compare first

Never buy a flight immediately. Compare offers different airlines or travel agencies. This will help you to always airinme.com.