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Vilnius - Paphosfrom 63 GBPfrom 76 GBPSearch flights recommends buying air tickets to Paphos in advance, so that you can choose the flight with the most favorable conditions, because usually the price rises as you approach the departure date.

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Helpful information

  • Paphos is located in the Cyprus (CY)
  • IATA code: PFO
  • Continent: Europe
  • Currency: Euro (EUR) (Course: 10 EUR = 8.43 GBP)
  • Current time: 17:56 (GMT+3)
  • Current date: 2023.06.08

The mythological birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite, Paphos is a thrilling blend of archaeological sights and modern beach resorts. Book flights to Paphos with 

Located on the south-western coast of Cyprus, Paphos is smaller than Limassol and Larnaca and less notorious than Ayia Napa. But it's fast becoming one of the island's most sought-after tourist destinations. Kick back on golden sands and enjoy the Mediterranean coastline in blissful temperatures.  Or be transported to Ancient Rome when you discover Paphos' fascinating Archaeological Park and mosaics. You can even frolic in the waters where the gods Aphrodite and Adonis were said to have had their children. Whether it's a romantic break or a family adventure, book your holiday in Paphos with today. 

Things to do in Paphos 

  1. Hit the beaches in Paphos to soak up some of that world-famous Cypriot sun. Alykes Beach, Coral Bay and Faros Beach are popular options, with plenty of opportunities for sun bathing, swimming and water sports.
  2. Paphos' main historic attraction is the city's Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you'll find a cornucopia of Roman ruins, including the Agora, the House of Theseus and the House of Dionysus. These buildings are home to the Paphos Mosaics, which are rated among the world's most beautiful.
  3. One of the park's biggest draws is the Tombs of the Kings, which dates back to the 4th century BC. Kings were never buried here, but these underground tombs are impressive nonetheless and are characterised by large Doric columns.
  4. The Ancient Odeon is another great attraction in Paphos Archaeological Park. The origins of this theatre lie in the 2nd century BC, but it is still used today for occasional concerts.
  5. If you're a fan of mythology, be sure to visit Petra Tou Romiou in Kouklia. Also known as Aphrodite's Rock, this spot is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Roman Goddess of love. Visitors aren't allowed to swim around or climb the rock, but the bay is beautiful so it's certainly worth checking out.
  6. Want to know more about the Goddess of love's life in Paphos? Head to the Baths of Aphrodite, which is said to be where she met her lover: Adonis, the Roman God of beauty. Although visitors can't swim here, you can bathe in the Baths of Adonis where, according to Greek mythology, many of the couple's children were born.
  7. The Agia Solomani Church has a slightly more recent history – though it's still nearly 1000 years old. Here, you'll find catacombs that date back to the 12th century, as well as a sacred terebinth tree.
  8. Take a drive up the coast to the village of Pegeia, home to the Agios Georgios Basilica. This area, and its surviving mosaic floors, were important in the region's early Christian period.
  9. Thinking about a destination wedding? Get hitched in Paphos Castle. Originally a Byzantine Fort but later expanded by the Ottomans, its arched bridge and sandstone walls make a magnificent wedding backdrop.
  10. Give children some respite from Roman mythology with a day out at the Aphrodite Water Park. Attractions here include a multitude of slides, a wave pool, jacuzzi and rafting. You can even hold birthday parties at the park. 

Shopping in Paphos

Shops in Paphos range from quiet roadside stalls to multinational supermarkets and department stores. So you'll find everything you need in this charming area. 

Buying souvenirs in Paphos

Head to Paphos Market to find holiday gifts and souvenirs. Typical souvenirs include leather handbags and shoes, lace and jewellery. Cypriot wine and local spirits, like ouzo and zivania, are also popular. For handicrafts and kitchenware, the Cyprus Handicrafts Centre and Lemba Pottery are worth a look too. 

Shopping centres and supermarkets

There are several large supermarkets in Paphos, including Carrefour, Orphanides and Papantoniou. You'll also find outlets of department stores Debenhams and Ermes, while King's Avenue Mall is the latest addition to the town's shopping scene.. 

Eating in Paphos

There are a range of different restaurants in Paphos, including international fast-food chains. But make sure you try some local dishes too. 

Cyprus meze

Meze – a meal consisting of lots of small dishes – is the best way to taste Cyprus' delicious blend of Greek and Turkish flavours. A typical meze might feature calamari (fried squid), halloumi (cheese, fried or grilled), feta (soft, salty cheese), olives and afelia (pork cooked with red wine and coriander seeds).


Paphos restaurants

For great meze, head to 7 St. George's Tavern or Araouzos Tavern. For local seafood and steaks, dine out at Andria Restaurant. And if your palate needs something different after days of Mediterranean food, there's a range of Chinese and Indian restaurants in Paphos as well. 

Insider's Tips 

If an emergency occurs while you're in Paphos, call the Pan-European Emergency Number: 112. 

Visit Paphos between May and September, when temperatures are comfortably in the high 20s and rainfall is very low. The rest of the year boasts warm weather too but can be very wet. 

Cyprus' northern and southern halves have been divided since a clash between Greek and Turkish forces in 1974. Paphos is in the Republic of Cyprus, the Greek Cypriot area, and tensions have died down in recent years. 

Today, Cyprus is a member of the Eurozone. British nationals do not need a visa to visit. 

Getting there from Paphos Airport 

Airport buses

Route 612 travels between the airport and the harbour, while route 613 takes passengers from the airport to Karavella. Both are run by Paphos Buses. Passengers travelling to Limassol can take the Limassol Airport Express Bus

Taxis and car hire

Taxis are also available at Paphos Airport to take travellers to the city centre. Alternatively, authorised car hire companies at the airport include Europcar, Sixt and Budget.