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Perm - Larnacafrom 74 GBPfrom 167 GBPSearch flights
Surgut - Larnacafrom 83 GBPfrom 185 GBPSearch flights
Kaliningrad - Larnacafrom 102 GBPfrom 196 GBPSearch flights
Cheboksary - Larnacafrom 102 GBPfrom 139 GBPSearch flights
Rostov - Larnacafrom 122 GBPfrom 213 GBPSearch flights
St Petersburg - Larnacafrom 134 GBPfrom 134 GBPSearch flights
Sochi - Larnacafrom 145 GBPfrom 210 GBPSearch flights
Nizhny Novgorod - Larnacafrom 146 GBPfrom 190 GBPSearch flights
Voronezh - Larnacafrom 147 GBPfrom 192 GBPSearch flights
Stavropol - Larnacafrom 148 GBPfrom 407 GBPSearch flights recommends buying air tickets to Larnaca in advance, so that you can choose the flight with the most favorable conditions, because usually the price rises as you approach the departure date.

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Helpful information

  • Larnaca is located in the Cyprus
  • IATA code: LCA
  • Continent: Europe
  • Currency: Euro (EUR) (Course: 10 EUR = 8.85 GBP)
  • Current time: 22:26 (GMT+3)
  • Current date: 2019.10.15

Larnaca isn't just home to Cyprus' biggest airport: there are lots of great beaches and historic attractions to explore here too. Book flights to Larnaca with 

Larnaca's coastline is one of the best in Cyprus. Its picturesque beaches are ideal for soaking up the Mediterranean sun. And when you need to cool off, head underwater and explore one of Europe's top diving spots. 

Historic sights in Larnaca are plentiful too, with attractions ranging from neolithic settlements to medieval churches. Book holidays in Larnaca with today to discover this beautiful corner of Cyprus. 

Things to do in Larnaca 

  1. The beaches around Larnaca are its number one attraction. Relax on local beaches like Finikoudes Beach and Makenzy Beach, or drive further up the coast of Cyprus to the resorts of Aiya Napa.
  2. Don an oxygen tank and head underwater to see what lurks beneath the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to beautiful marine life, you'll also get to explore the wreck of the MS Zenobia, one of the world's most popular wreck diving sites. Alpha Diving is a popular local diving operator.
  3. Tear yourself away from the beach and visit St. Lazarus Church (known locally as Ayios Lazaros). The church is Larnaca's most important religious building, dating back to the ninth century and is a beautiful example of medieval architecture in Cyprus.
  4. Be sure to visit Hala Sultan Tekke, one of the holiest Islamic sites in the Mediterranean. This beautiful mosque attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year.
  5. Nearby, you'll find Larnaca Salt Lake. Famous for its flamingos and water birds, this is one of the best places to see wildlife in Cyprus. Watch out for the thick salt crust that develops on the lake in summer.
  6. Trek up to Stavrovouni Hill near Larnaca to explore its impressive monastery. Tradition states that the monastery was founded in the fourth century by St Helena, mother of Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great.
  7. Believe it or not, Larnaca's historic sights get even older. The UNESCO-protected settlement of Choirokoitia is one of the eastern Mediterranean's most important neolithic sites and dates back to 7000 BC.
  8. Somewhat younger, ancient Kition (or Citium) has its roots in the 13th century BC. Situated to the north-west of Larnaca, highlights include the Phoenician Temple, its city walls and the remains of ancient tombs.
  9. Also worth a visit is Larnaca Fort, which was first built in the 14th century and then rebuilt in the 17th century by the Ottomans. Next to the fort, you'll also see the picturesque Djámi Kebír (Grand Mosque).
  10. Want to see more of Cyprus? Rent a car and drive along its beautiful coastline. Major resort towns like Aiya Napa, Limassol and Paphos are all just a short drive away. 

Shopping in Larnaca

From local jewellery stores to international clothing brands, there's a lot to browse when you go shopping in Larnaca. 

What to buy in Larnaca

Larnaca district is well-known for its beautiful handmade jewellery, but the region's lace is also well-regarded. Browse stalls and boutiques for unique local designs and crafts. You can also pick up great Cypriot wine at one of Larnaca's markets or supermarkets. 

Best places to shop

The main shopping area in Larnaca is Zenon Kitieos Street, where you'll find a range of shops and market stalls. For great jewellery, head to Oro Fino Jewellery near Finikoudes Beach. There's even outlets of British department stores Debenhams and Marks and Spencer in Larnaca. 

Eating in Larnaca

Food in Cyprus is a delicious blend of Greek and Turkish flavours, made from fresh ingredients kissed by the Mediterranean sun. And in Larnaca, you'll find a wide range of great local restaurants. 

Cypriot cuisine

Cypriot food is typified by meze: an array of small dishes. Traditional meze dishes include halloumi (salty hard cheese, usually grilled), olives, calimari (fried squid) and stifado (herby beef stew). Kleftiko (roast lamb) is another much-loved local dish. 

Restaurants in Larnaca

For great kleftiko, head to Militzis, one of the best restaurants in Larnaca. Hobos and Campanaria are first-rate steakhouses, and the Aquarium Bar Café is another great place to eat. 

Insider's Tips 

Call 112 for emergency assistance from the police, ambulance and fire services in Cyprus. Calls are answered in Greek, English, Arabic and Russian. 

Cyprus is a member of the European Union, and British travellers do not need a visa to visit. The local currency is the Euro. 

Cyprus is a member of the European Union and its official currency is the Euro. Although there has been a history of conflict between the Greek Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish-controlled north, tensions have recently died down. 

Larnaca enjoys warm weather throughout the year, with temperatures around 30° Celsius in summer. The wettest months are between November and January. 

Getting there from Larnaca Airport 

Airport shuttles

Catch the Limassol Airport Express for travel to Larnaca's tourist area and to Limassol. Alternatively, take the Kapnos Airport Shuttle for travel between Larnaca Airport and Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. 


There is a 24-hour taxi rank at Larnaca Airport located just outside the main terminal building. 

Car hire

Hire a car at Larnaca Airport for independent travel around Cyprus. Car rental providers include Europcar, Sixt and Budget.