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One wayRoundtrip
Kiev - Ivano-Frankivskfrom 61 GBPfrom 121 GBPSearch flights
Odesa - Ivano-Frankivskfrom 91 GBPfrom 291 GBPSearch flights
Dnipropetrovsk - Ivano-Frankivskfrom 112 GBPfrom 294 GBPSearch flights
Warsaw - Ivano-Frankivskfrom 130 GBPfrom 359 GBPSearch flights
Vilnius - Ivano-Frankivskfrom 144 GBPfrom 199 GBPSearch flights
Bergamo - Ivano-Frankivskfrom 173 GBPfrom 311 GBPSearch flights
Kharkiv - Ivano-Frankivskfrom 221 GBPfrom 307 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Ivano-Frankivskfrom 249 GBPfrom 433 GBPSearch flights
Sarajevo - Ivano-Frankivskfrom 309 GBPfrom 525 GBPSearch flights
Prague - Ivano-Frankivskfrom 382 GBPfrom 611 GBPSearch flights recommends buying air tickets to Ivano-Frankivsk in advance, so that you can choose the flight with the most favorable conditions, because usually the price rises as you approach the departure date.

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The prices for Ivano-Frankivsk flights depend on many factors: the season, the city of departure, the airline, the availability of discounts and sales.

Helpful information

  • Ivano-Frankivsk is located in the Ukraine (UA)
  • IATA code: IFO
  • Continent: Europe
  • Currency: Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH) (Course: 100 UAH = 2.29 GBP)
  • Current time: 18:56 (GMT+3)
  • Current date: 2022.10.02

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