Ho to get to a destination - what are the best ways?    

We have been asked by our customers quite often about different ways of getting to a particular destination country. Is it better to fly or to get a train, where possible, of course, or to have mixed itineraries with a flight and a train leg on a single ticket, or even a bus. The latter option must be the cheapest, right? Well, there isn’t a straightforward answer, as it all depends on the distance to your destination, routing options, pricing, journey duration and last, but not least - is how eco friendly a certain travel mode is. Yes, that’s right, more and more travellers nowadays show their consideration for the environment and support sustainable travel options.

To give our customers more information about their trip options in route planning we have come up with an idea to collate tips and multi-modal travel data covering different means of transportation, pricing and availability - all in one place. We have used our own travel experience, customer feedback and tons of data. Explore the links to destination countries below, search for the best deals and get ready for your next adventure.

Getting there by air

It would be fair to say that people have never travelled by air as much, as they do now, which is a great achievement for civil aviation and travel industry in general. Scientific progress, competition between the airlines, flexible pricing and unbundled fare types made flights more affordable to millions of passengers. The rise of low cost carriers made a strong footprint in the travel space as well and changed the way we book our holidays forever. No wonder that when it comes to the question: How do I get to a certain destination, we almost automatically go online and search for the flights options, and for that reason Airinme search always gives you the flight option first. It’s typically the quickest, convenient and affordable way.

Getting a train

Rail journeys come to mind when planning intercity routes in most cases, however continental Europe, Asia, and some individual countries have very sophisticated railway systems, USA or Japan for instance. You can still take a train to get to a different country - Amtrak gets you to at least nine cities in Canada, Eurostar gets you from the island of the United Kingdom to France, how cool is that! That’s not to say that all of Europe is covered with complex rail networks. Given the nature of travel in some countries it simply makes sense to compare air and ground transportation - and Airinme does exactly that. You don’t need to search for trains options separately. We will simply display train tickets if they are available for your route.

Get a bus

Despite some obvious limitations with buses - you can’t get a bus from Europe to the US, that’s just not possible - Airinme search site gets bus options as well where possible as it helps to save travellers money. Here’s an example, say, you are travelling from London in England to Edinburgh, the lovely Scottish capital. Unless you book in advance your flight and rail options may be quite expensive, whereas bus costs can be up to 5 times cheaper. Whether you prioritise time over money is entirely up to you. We thought, we’d give you that option. Plus, bus companies like Eurolines, Flixbus, Ouibus, National Express or Megabus have worked hard to make your journey comfortable and stress free.

General tips on how to get to a destination cheaper

We all know that trip planning can be frustrating at times, with so many options available or even too many of them to be frank. However, despite its’ complexity there are some golden rules that holidaymakers can follow to get a good deal and enjoy the process.

Shop around and compare first

We strongly advise to always look around at different providers such as operators and their agents. They all have their advantages - price, value proposition and routing options. Airinme helps travellers to build itineraries for air and ground transportation in a simple and easy to use way.

Consider flexibility

Flexibility in travel planning is the key to saving money. Whether you are choosing a bus over train or a connecting flight instead of a direct one - all these little things can help with big savings, especially if you are travelling with your family or friends. Use filters in our search results to see if you can save money. Travel mode tabs will help you to see the best route options, providers for each travel mode and prices.

Follow the sale events

We all love savings and good deals. It’s always a good idea to wait for the flash sales or seasonal offers. Remember a simple rule when demand is low so are the fares.

Book when it’s the best time to book

We have created lots of articles on how to save money when planning a trip. Check our magazine for useful lifehacks. To summarise when it is the best time to book - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are typically the cheapest days to travel. If you have to travel over the weekend, consider Sundays over Saturdays. Tickets are usually cheaper 4-6 weeks before your departure date. Long haul flights should be booked 3+ months in advance.

Routes, travel modes and ways of getting to different countries

Use the quick links below to see multimodal itineraries for countries of the world. We will check dozens of websites and providers to give you a good idea of your options. Book with confidence as we do not charge any service fee. Our website is free for everyone.