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Flight prices from Milan to Oradea

MonthOne wayRoundtrip
August2022.08.26 110 GBP2022.08.26 - 2022.08.29 220 GBP
* The total airfare is valid at the moment and may change depending on the time to the flight and the number of seats left on the plane.

The cheapest available flight from Milan to Oradea on the website at the moment is this: flight number W6 5505, with Wizz Air airline, departure date: 2022.08.26 departure airport: Milan Malpensa, flight duration: 21 h. 15 min., ticket price: 110 GBP Find this ticket

The fastest option on a Milan - Oradea route at the moment is this: flight number AF 1631, with Air France airline, departure date: 2023.01.01 departure airport: Milan Malpensa, flight duration: 11 h. 30 min., ticket price: 353 GBP Find this ticket

Airlines that fly from Milan to Oradea

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