Getaway with penguins or to Kiribati? Unusual places to celebrate the New Year

04 December 2016  
Artiomas Marchockis
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Even if you don’t believe in Santa Claus, you probably still want the holidays to be magical. To do this, we suggest you don’t follow the stereotypes and take a trip on one of the non-traditional routes. If you decide to spend the New Year in any of these places, make sure to buy your flight tickets right here on!

Kiribati Islands - New Year’s came early

Celebrate the New Year before anyone else! Here, the time is 10-12 hours before the Russians and Europeans. All times are UTC +14. Basically, we can say that time starts here first on our planet.

To see New Year first is perfect from the picturesque country that is Kiritimati, also called - Christmas Island. However, don’t not confuse this island with the one belonging to Australia. In Kiribati has only four villages with very curious names - Banana, London, Poland and Tabwakea. Each of them have less than two thousand residents. If you plan on staying here, there is a small hotel, lodges and cozy apartments.

Here you can find spectacular views yet you won’t be surrounded by crowds of tourists. This beautiful country offers deserted beaches here in a bounty style: Dolly Beach, Lily Beach, Winifred Beach, West White Beach, Martin Point and others. Residents here live quite differently from how you do at home. Some locals still live in houses made of straw, trade Cathedral coconuts and go fishing. However, there’s still so much to do here! Christmas Island is a perfect place for surfing, fishing, canoeing and exploring the life of the whale sharks.

Getting to Kiribati is easy. You don’t need a visa but you’ll need to spend maybe a day on the road. Two airlines offer international flights to Kiribati. You can get a plane from Australia to Nauru. Air Pacific flies to Tarawa from Fiji also on a weekly basis. You can also fly from Fiji to Honolulu with a connecting flight.

The temperature on the islands of Kiribati in January: 27°C - 31°C.

The water temperature on the islands of Kiribati in January: 26°C - 29°C.

Antarctica - New Year among penguins

Celebrate the New Year on the sixth continent and get there by the quiet and comfortable environment of the Antarctic cruise.

To experience such amazing travel, as a rule, you’re required to fly to South America - that's where the giant ships will start their journey to the ice white continent.

What are you waiting for? The fascinating scenery and incomparable tranquility of Antarctica is bound to melt your heart. On board the ship (and on land of course), you can take great pictures of wild snow nature like icebergs, seals, penguins and polar birds.


In addition, these trips provide excellent opportunities for active recreation: hiking, skiing, snowmobiling etc. But the most exotic activity here is diving under the ice shelves or interior lakes of Antarctica.

By the way, January is the warmest month in Antarctica!

The temperature in Antarctica in January: -8°C - 2°C

The water temperature in Antarctic in January: -2°C

Chile - New Year’s fireworks on the beach

On New Year's Eve, the Chilean city of Valparaiso - located 120 kilometers from Santiago - turns into one of the most exciting places in the world. Right on the beach the biggest firework festival in South America is run. You can watch the fireworks not only from the town, but also from the nearby resort in the city of Viña del Mar.

Another nice place to stay is 70km away from Valparaiso called Zapallar. It offers unspoiled beaches and pelicans.

Valparaiso itself is Chile's main port - a place with a rich colonial history. It’s also known as the city of sailors and poets and is a real gem of the ocean. Visit the Maritime Museum and the Museum of the frescoes which was the main house of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Also, be sure to ride on the local cable car - they’re unique! By the way, to get the visa of Chile is very simple.

The air temperature in Valparaiso in January: 24°C

The water temperature in Valparaiso in January: 16°C