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01 November 2016  
Михаил Ефимкин

Non English speakers, all your life you’ve been learning the English language, yet thought that a trip to the US or UK was nearly impossible. Do you know about volunteering programs in some of our countries? Well it’ll sure open the borders of these countries knowing so. Let’s start with how volunteering can help. Essentially, you are giving back to the world you live in by helping less fortunate people, and in return you are granted with aid and a set of new skills and qualities. If you’re willing to devote six months to a year to charity work in another country, then pay attention to the three interesting voluntary projects listed. We spoke to the coordinators and clarified some facts about these projects.

Help the homeless in London, England

The Simon Community surfaced in 1963, it is recognized globally due to its efforts assisting those in need. This is an international organization and has extensive experience which is certainly a bonus for volunteers. So, if you are not indifferent to the homeless and want to contribute to a good cause, then join this volunteer program. The organization will provide you with accommodation in central London, will cover the cost of food, use of public transport and flights.

What do the volunteers do in this organization? To start off, you will be working a full day. You will find housing for the homeless, help them in finding employment and if you have the correct skills provide psychological support and medical care. It is also possible to work as a minibus driver providing transport for the homeless to the city.

The requirements for volunteers are not too severe, but the selection process is taken seriously. You must be at least 19 years old. Experience in this field of work is not necessary, the main thing is the enthusiasm and desire to help.


Those who want to work as a driver must be at least 25 years of age and have a certificate for the right to dimensional road driving.

The organizers pick several people then the director evaluates the selection. Those who passed are invited to a 72-hour trial period and then members of the organization decide whether you are suitable for this job. Minimum stay in the project is six months.

What do you gain during this volunteer program? First of all, a valuable life experience that directly works with the homeless. Furthermore, the fact that Simon Community is a well known and respected organization, the experience will complement your CV and will gain the respect of employers. At this point in time, it is important for those who are seeking work in Europe. Lastly, it is an opportunity to help those in need. Search for cheap flights to London and start a new life!

Save forests in Inverness, Scotland

If nature is a close contact of yours and you care for the future of the ecosystem of the planet, the volunteer program to preserve the Caledonian Forest in Scotland is right for you.

Once upon a time, The Caledonian Forest covered a large part of Scotland, but because of the harmful effects of human activities on the environment and climate, the forest started to disappear. Many trees and plants which grew only in this area are all gone. But people who care have created well-known organizations like Trees for Life.


The aim of this organization is not only to preserve the Caledonian Forest and contribute to its expansion. The project managers believe that they can provide a powerful impact on the rest of the world which will hopefully lead to similar work being done elsewhere on our planet. Given that volunteers from Trees for Life hand-plant 100 thousand trees annually - it most definitely is a great example.

The requirements for volunteers include being 18 years of age in order to do physical work and also have the relevant training. You also need to have a good knowledge of the English language - the project will have qualified specialists who will explain the steps and instructions on planting and taking care of trees in English. In addition, it is advised to bring warm clothing with you as the work is done outdoors.

Organizers will provide you with accommodation in a comfortable home in return for your service. Meals are also arranged and a weekly allowance of £35 is paid. You work from 9.00 to 17.00 everyday except Wednesdays and Sundays. This program is very convenient, you can participate from one day to several weeks and months. Applications for 2017 will begin in November, the necessary information will appear on the website of the organization.

Take care of the forests in the Appalachian Mountains, USA

The Appalachian Trail Volunteer program is held in the United States.The extensive activities are what this group are famous for. The aim of this project is to preserve the nature and climate of the Appalachian mountain system which surrounds the territory of the eastern states and also flows through Canada. A hiking trail runs through the mountain with the length of 3500 km. Respectively, in addition to volunteers taking care of nature the experience will feel like a holiday.

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The love of a -rucksack on your back- lifestyle is the main thing you need to participate in these projects. Volunteers live in base camps for weeks and sometimes in remote areas in the mountains. Naturally, there will be unpredictable weather, high humidity, insects, living in tents and work. It should be noted that volunteers are working in four teams, each of which is characterized by the complexity of the tasks which are carried out. There is more information on their websites. The organizations provide food, shelter, transportation and working tools. Volunteers are asked to bring their own work clothing and comfortable shoes. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, applying for the new season starts in November.

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