Following the scenes of James Bond


Out of all twenty-four James Bond movies - “Spectre” received good income and was at the height of glory for a while, but not forever all except the main character in this infinite series. Movies about 007 have little to do with reality, but their intention isn’t just the scenery, but also the real country and city. Saving the world from villains, Bond dangles around the world and often stops in these cities and hotels. We invite you to walk through the places of the last film featuring secret service agent of Her Majesty.

Mexico City

The first city, which occurs on the first scene, was - Mexico City, capital of Mexico.During The Day of the Dead, Bond kills two terrorists and the chief terrorist - Marco Skiarra, which takes us to an organization called "Spectrum". The murder takes place during the day of the dead, held 1st and 2nd November of each year, in the Constitution Square. This is the biggest area of Latin America and the main square of the Mexican capital. It is situated in the historic center of Mexico City and covers an area of about 50 thousand square meters.

Constitution Square is also the Cathedral in Mexico City, one of the most beautiful and popular destinations for tourists. The Inner Hall of the Cathedral is made in the best traditions of the Renaissance, there it reigns everywhere with exorbitant luxury. Columns, walls, vault temple is literally lined with gold, marble and ivory.

By the way, also in Mexico, another movie was filmed of James Bond - "Licence to Kill" with Timothy Dalton. Do not forget to look at the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico, built in 1895. 

The architecture and also the design, particularly the lobby with a ceiling decorated with colored stained glass Tiffany, was made in 1908.

Mexico City is a wonderful city and there you can find a lot of interesting places. It is worth visiting the Palace of Fine Arts and the Trotsky House Museum of famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, Chapultepec Castle and many more.



Rome is known not only for the fact that Spectre starred a famous actress Monica Bellucci, as a widow Lucia Skiarra. This town is saturated with an amazing story, and seeing it once, it is already impossible to forget! The list of attractions is huge, because this city creates works of art that tell stories beyond what you can see. Here are just a few famous and popular tourist destinations: the Vatican and its museum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, St. Peter's Basilica and so on.


Bond girl is the daughter of Mr. White - Madeleine Swann, a psychologist at the clinic in the Alps. Altaussee, is nothing but a municipality in the Austrian state of Styria. Austria itself is a beautiful place, and in winter this place turns into a ski "Mecca." It is quiet, cozy and all organized with Austrian precision and pedantry. However, we are talking about the south-east of Austria, the more land under the name of Styria, which has its own capital - Graz. On the territory of Styria, scattered many ancient castles and monasteries, but most tourists direct their steps to the castle with a Gothic chapel Riegersburg, this knight's hall and a collection of medieval weapons.


James and Madeleine go to the hotel "American" in Tangier, where they find a secret rooms coordinates “Spectre” base in the desert. Tangier - a major port city in Morocco, which is almost opposite the Strait of Gibraltar.

Tourists are attracted to Tangier because of its ancient medina, beautiful beach, many good restaurants and the Museum of Modern Art, it is worthy of any European capital. Tangier is one of the best resorts in the region and to contribute to the excellent climatic conditions. In winter, it is not so hot, with the average temperature of 30°C, and in winter the average daily temperature is 17°C.

In the ancient Medina situated majestic mosques, old houses and palaces, and most importantly, "Grand Bazaar", are where you can buy the world-famous handmade carpets, excellent dishes, spices and oriental sweets. The original Moroccan culture can consist of fakirs, dancers and snake charmers in the market.


Well, the final city, which is always shown in Bond movies - London. You can immediately tell that the ten best places visited filmed Bond in the epic. We’ll now discuss the three most iconic places that are worth visiting. First - Westminster Bridge, where the wounded Blofeld is getting out from a helicopter that was shot and now burning, Bond then catches him. The famous landmark of London, the arched bridge over the river Thames, built in 1862 in front of Parliament. Great view in the heart of London. This is a place you must visit. By the way, in the movie "Die Another Day but not now," James is near the entrance to an abandoned subway station and close to unlocking the secrets of the plot. In reality, such a dungeon, unfortunately, does not exist.

Second place, often flashed and not just in "Spectre" is the MI-6 Building. To get there it will be quite difficult, but it can be seen from the Vauxhall Bridge. The building is located at Albert Embankment, 85, in the south-western part of the center of London on the River Thames.

And in third place, you can stop at this five-star hotel Hotel London at Canary Wharf. The film "007: Coordonata" Skyfall "Bond swims in the pool at the Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf. Because of this unusual swimming pool it is enclosed by glass walls and offers stunning views of the British capital, especially at night.


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