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Athens - Rhodesfrom 141 GBPfrom 59 GBPSearch flights recommends buying air tickets to Rhodes in advance, so that you can choose the flight with the most favorable conditions, because usually the price rises as you approach the departure date.

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Helpful information

  • Rhodes is located in the Greece (GR)
  • IATA code: RHO
  • Continent: Europe
  • Currency: Euro (EUR) (Course: 10 EUR = 8.55 GBP)
  • Current time: 07:44 (GMT+3)
  • Current date: 2022.06.30

The Greek island of Rhodes has a subtropical climate and gets more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. No matter what time of the year it is, you're guaranteed to get a great tan when you book cheap flights to Rhodes with

One of the most popular holiday islands in Greece, Rhodes attractions are countless. Whether you fancy lounging around in the sun or exploring ancient and medieval landmarks. With the natural beauty of the island, alongside monuments from its long and often turbulent history, Rhodes offers a plethora of attractions which are guaranteed to captivate any visitor.

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Things to Do in Rhodes

  1. Start your day by exploring Rhodes Old Town. A good place to start is the majestic Ippoton Street, or Avenue of the Knights, one of the world's best-preserved medieval streets. This picturesque, cobbled walkway is home to several imposing Inns of the crusading Order of the Knights of St John.
  2. Your next stop is the Palace of the Grand Masters. This impressive building was constructed in the early 14th century and now serves as the Byzantine Museum. It houses a magnificent collection of Byzantine artefacts such as frescoes and icons.
  3. In the lower part of the old town lies the Turkish quarter, or the Burgo. Here, you will find some fine examples of Ottoman architecture, including the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent and the Turkish baths.
  4. For stunning views of the city, a climb to the top of Roloi Clock Tower is an absolute must-do.
  5. When it comes to beaches, Rhodes offers a vast array of beautiful bathing spots. With its golden sand and emerald sea, Lindos is a top choice for a relaxing day at the beach. 
  6. While in Lindos, make sure that you visit its famous Acropolis. One of the best-known ancient sites in Greece, this landmark dates back to the 4th century BC. Dedicated to Athena, it boasts an awe-inspiring Doric temple dedicated to the goddess. In order to avoid the steep climb, you can hire a donkey in the town.
  7. Visit Petaloudes, or the Valley of the Butterflies. Situated on the western side of the island, this beautiful nature reserve is the site of the only natural forest of oriental sweetgum trees in Europe. During August, thousands of butterflies of the genus Panaxia (species Quadripunctaria Poda) overwhelm the valley to reproduce.
  8. Pay a visit to Kallithea Thermal Springs, splendid thermal baths built by the Italians at the start of the 20th century. The cinematic atmosphere of the baths is amplified by their Arabesque-inspired architecture, as well as their grand staircases and intricate mosaics.
  9. Take a break from the hot weather, by making your way to the Valley of the Seven Springs. One of the island's most charming tourist destinations, this picturesque valley is where seven springs meet to create a tranquil lake.
  10. Head to the south-west of the island for Prasonissi (Leek Island), where the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea meet. Due to strong winds, this is a popular place for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Shopping in Rhodes

In spite of its small size, this medieval capital is something of a shopper's mecca. From designer boutiques to local shops that sell traditional carpets and kilims, Rhodes has something to suit all tastes and pockets.

Jewellery shopping in Rhodes

Renowned Greek designer Ilias Lalaounis, who specialises in creating stunning contemporary jewellery as well as ancient reproductions, has a boutique on Plateia Alexandrou. For a massive selection of antique jewellery, drop into the bazaar-like Royal Silver on Apellou Street.

Carpets and leather ware
While you're on Appellou Street, check out the Royal Carpet Company for a fantastic range of beautiful, handmade carpets. If it's leather or fur you're after, stroll the length of Sokratous.

Eating in Rhodes

Famous for its seafood and wine, Rhodes boasts some of the finest restaurants in Greece. For an authentic dining experience, visit a seaside taverna where you can literally watch as your meal arrives by boat.

Tavernas in Rhodes

Tavernas are an integral part of life in Greece. From taramasalata to spanakopita, these small, family-run restaurants serve all the Greek favourites. Try a traditional mezé – it's a bit like Spanish tapas and includes small dishes, such as grilled octopus, calamari, eggplant salad, and fried or grilled cheeses.

Wine in Rhodes

Wine aficionados should try Emery Villare – it’s one of the best dry whites in Greece. The Chevalier de Rodos, on the other hand, is traditionally considered to have been a favourite among the Knights of St John. 

Insider's Tips

Breakfast: 8:00 am – 11:00 am | Lunch: 14:00 – 17:00 | Dinner: 21:00 – 24:00

Business hours: Monday – Friday from 9:30 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 21.00, Saturday from 9:30 – 14:00

There's plenty to do and see in the city of Rhodes, so you can make it your holiday base for a week or more. Attractions include a surprisingly lively club, lounge and bar scene, which is driven by well-off young locals.

Rhodes is fun to explore, but it's easy to get lost. Whenever you feel the need to find your bearings, ask for Sokratous. This large street is the closest the Old Town comes to having a main street. 

Getting to Rhodes

Getting from  Rhodes Diagoras Airport by bus

Rhodes Diagoras Airport and Rhodes Town are connected by a regular public bus service. Costing €2, the buses depart from the airport every day at the following times: 6:50, 9:45, 10:45, 13:40, 16:00, 16:40, 19:10, 19:50, 20:25, 20.50 and 23:05.

Getting from  Rhodes Diagoras Airport by taxi

Taxis are readily available outside Rhodes Diagoras Airport. It's an easy way of reaching the city centre and most taxis should be metered. If your taxi doesn't have a meter, you should agree a price before getting in.