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Istanbul - Dalamanfrom 20 GBPfrom 39 GBPSearch flights
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Kiev - Dalamanfrom 56 GBPfrom 61 GBPSearch flights
Kharkiv - Dalamanfrom 59 GBPfrom 184 GBPSearch flights
Katowice - Dalamanfrom 76 GBPfrom 137 GBPSearch flights
Lviv - Dalamanfrom 77 GBPfrom 186 GBPSearch flights
St Petersburg - Dalamanfrom 79 GBPfrom 196 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Dalamanfrom 88 GBPfrom 168 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Dalamanfrom 89 GBPfrom 139 GBPSearch flights
Odesa - Dalamanfrom 99 GBPfrom 141 GBPSearch flights recommends buying air tickets to Dalaman in advance, so that you can choose the flight with the most favorable conditions, because usually the price rises as you approach the departure date.

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Helpful information

  • Dalaman is located in the Turkey (TR)
  • IATA code: DLM
  • Continent: Asia
  • Currency: Turkish Lira (TRY) (Course: 100 TRY = 5.51 GBP)
  • Current time: 07:51 (GMT+3)
  • Current date: 2021.12.09

Whether you're exploring the city centre or sunbathing on the Dalaman Coast, holidays in this special part of Turkey are the toast of the Mediterranean. Book cheap flights to Dalaman with today. 

Dalaman is the name of both a city and a coastal region, and many people flying to Dalaman Airport travel on to seaside resorts like Fethiye, Marmaris and Ölüdeniz. Also known as the Turquoise Coast, the captivating blue waters here glisten with year-round sunshine, while coves, mountains and islands sit alongside one another to create a blissful coastal landscape. But there are historic attractions in Dalaman too, with the ancient towns of Kaunos and Ephesus within easy reach. 

So whatever you do in Dalaman, you'll have a holiday you'll never forget. Book your Dalaman holiday with today. 

Things to do in Dalaman 

  1. Beaches are Dalaman's calling card, with sparkling sands and deep blue waters. After all, there's a good reason this part of Turkey's known as the Turquoise Coast. Head to Fethiye, Marmaris and Ölüdeniz for seaside fun, while Sarsala Beach is just a few kilometres from Dalaman city.
  2. Take a walk around Dalaman city and discover its most enigmatic attraction: Alexandria Train Station. This was built in 1906 by mistake thanks to an erroneous shipment of materials but still stands today despite never having been a working railway station.
  3. Half an hour from Dalaman is the town of Dalyan, home to İztuzu Beach – also known as "Turtle Beach". Here, you'll find a precious conservation area that's the largest breeding ground for loggerhead sea turtles on the Mediterranean.
  4. Also near Dalyan is the ancient Lycian city of Kaunos, recognisable for its stately rock tombs carved into cliff-faces. This former port is said to date back to the 10th century. Today, it's one of Turkey's most important archaeological attractions and the site of ongoing excavation.
  5. East of Dalaman city, the lively town of Fethiye is the jewel of the Dalaman Coast. Wander around its historic old town and browse its mesmerising Tuesday market, before hitting the beach or taking a boat trip.
  6. Further west, Marmaris is the Dalaman Coast's most vibrant seaside resort. When you're done sunbathing, venture underwater – Marmaris is known for the clear visibility of its waters so it's the perfect place to dive in Dalaman.
  7. Half an hour's drive north-west of Dalaman is Lake Köyceğiz. Take a dip in its rejuvenating mud baths during your visit – they claim to make you look ten years younger.
  8. If you're up for a slightly longer expedition, arrange an excursion to the Ancient Greek city of Ephesus in Selçuk, around 250km up the coast. Once an important trade centre, today it's a paradise for lovers of classical history and architecture.
  9. Need to get your blood pumping after a little too much sightseeing? Strap on your life jacket to go white water rafting in the Dalaman River.
  10. End your evenings in Dalaman with some excellent Turkish food and wine. Grilled lamb, vegetable dips and hot flatbreads are not to be missed. Sip an Efes – the local Turkish brew – while you eat, and finish with some raki (aniseed liqueur).

Shopping in Dalaman

Thanks to the status of Istanbul's historic Grand Bazaar, Turkey has long been a magnet for shoppers from across the world. And in Dalaman and its surrounding towns, there's plenty to browse and buy.


The markets in Fethiye and Köyceğiz are the biggest in the Dalaman region. Here, travellers will find a range of stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, bags, clothes, olives, spices, lamps and souvenirs. Remember, prices aren't fixed so you'll be expected to haggle.

Blue amulets

In many markets and local stalls, you'll see a variety of jewellery made from blue glass and adorned with an eye-like circular pattern. This style of amulet is believed to bring protection from the "evil eye", but makes for pretty jewellery and souvenirs too.

Eating in Dalaman

A melting pot of Ottoman and modern influences, Turkish food is among the world's very best cuisines. Eat at restaurants in Dalaman and you'll see it's much more than just chicken kebabs and Turkish Delight, or lokum, as it's known in its native land.

What to eat in Dalaman

Turkish food typically features an array of vegetables and lamb dishes. Make sure you sample succulent koftes (meatballs), adana kebabs (hand-moulded from lamb mince, red peppers and fat), fresh local fish and pide, a stuffed Turkish pizza.

Dalaman restaurants

For mouth-watering authentic Turkish food, head to Dalaman's Akkaya Garden Restaurant, while Botanik serves a great range of fresh fish dishes. In Fethiye and Marmaris, you'll find lively bars and restaurants by the beach.

Insider's Tips

Write down the following emergency numbers before you get to Dalaman: 155 (police), 112 (ambulance) and 110 (fire brigade).

British citizens arriving in Turkey can get a 90-day tourist visa for £10 when they enter the country at Dalaman Airport. The currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira.

Dalaman has a warm Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters, so it's a year-round holiday destination.

Did you know that Dalaman is just a stone's throw from the Greek island of Rhodes? Take a ferry or catamaran to Rhodes from Dalaman for a unique day trip to Greece.

Getting there from Dalaman Airport

Airport transfers

Many passengers flying to Dalaman arrange airport transfers in advance. Book your Dalaman Airport transfer through your hotel, or online via a local taxi firm. There is also a 24-hour taxi rank outside the airport.

By bus

Havaş shuttle buses connect Dalaman to Marmaris and Fethiye, and schedules vary according to the airport's arrivals and departures.

Car hire

For a convenient way to travel around the area of Dalaman, rent a car at the airport for the duration of your stay.

For more information, see Dalaman Airport.