Flights to Alama Iqbal International: airport

Airport Flights Allama Iqbal International

The table shows direct flights, as well as the cost of air tickets for various directions of the airport Allama Iqbal International

Flights to Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport

Lahore - MuscatOman Air
18:403 h 05 m20:45243 GBPSearch flights
Lahore - AlmatyPakistan International Airlines
01:004 h 50 m06:50464 GBPSearch flights
Lahore - SeoulPakistan International Airlines
10:006 h 00 m20:00621 GBPSearch flights
Lahore - BishkekPakistan International Airlines
22:009 h 25 m08:25803 GBPSearch flights

Flights from Allama Iqbal International airport from Lahore

Riyadh - LahoreJazeera Airways
18:1011 h 40 m07:50114 GBPSearch flights
Dubai - LahorePakistan International Airlines
18:403 h 00 m22:40137 GBPSearch flights
Istanbul - LahorePegasus
00:0510 h 40 m12:45322 GBPSearch flights
Bishkek - LahoreFlydubai
08:5015 h 40 m23:30374 GBPSearch flights
Tashkent - LahoreAir Arabia
19:0520 h 45 m15:50375 GBPSearch flights
Almaty - LahoreAir Astana
13:202 h 10 m14:30432 GBPSearch flights

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Information about Allama Iqbal International

Continent: Asia
Country: Pakistan (PK)
City: Lahore (LHE)
IATA code: LHE
Latitude: 31.5202
Longitude: 74.4083
Length of runway: 3360
Elevation AMSL: 217
Timezone: GMT +05:00
IANA Time Zone: Asia/Karachi

Allama Iqbal International airport contact

Phone: 9248792
Fax: 9248794

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