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Search for the cheapest flights from Moscow to any airport in a single click. Compare hundreds of flight options from carefully selected partners to find the best deal. All airfares come directly from providers, both: airlines and travel booking websites - we don't add any service fees to guarantee you the cheapest price. Our service comes at no cost to all our customers, which is great, isn't it. Whether you are flying on business of leisure - we have got it all covered. Simply save your time and money with us - all the research and price comparison is done in seconds by our customer focused search technology.

All flights from Moscow are collated and displayed by price for your convenience, so that you can book the cheapest option straightaway. If, however, for whatever reason you need a different option, just use the filters provided to select departure times from Moscow, flight duration, airlines and connections. To bear in mind, sometimes connecting flights work out cheaper than direct flights. Before you click out to book direct on the provider's website, please ensure that you have chosen the right option to suit your needs.

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One wayRoundtrip
Moscow - Kalugafrom 6 GBPfrom 14 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Kazanfrom 14 GBPfrom 28 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Cheboksaryfrom 23 GBPfrom 44 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Nazranfrom 23 GBPfrom 45 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Vladikavkazfrom 25 GBPfrom 50 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Debrecenfrom 25 GBPfrom 52 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Makhachkalafrom 26 GBPfrom 52 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Naberezhnye Chelnyfrom 28 GBPfrom 51 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Chelyabinskfrom 28 GBPfrom 57 GBPSearch flights
Moscow - Yekaterinburgfrom 28 GBPfrom 59 GBPSearch flights

To save even more money when flying from Moscow, we recommend to start planning early - four to six weeks in advance ideally, when pricing remains flexible, your chances of getting a good deal are much better. Should you travel with a low cost carrier, please ensure you have selected the right luggage allowance. Budget airlines charge passengers for checked luggage, which can add a significant cost to you trip from Moscow. Travelling light, with hand luggage only, is a great alternative, as long as you are within the weight and size limit. Some airlines can be quite string about the cabin bags. Full service carriers have also different types of fares, those are typically these: basic, economy and premium. Basic fare is usually the cheapest one and only allows you to take a small bag on board. Economy and premium allow you more bags and a checked in bag. Please make sure you know the allowance for your flight as they may vary per airline.

Before leaving Moscow, don't forget to check in online and if the airline, that you are flying with, does not support that, please ensure you arrive at the airport early enough to go through the check-in at the desk.

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Please refer to the list of carriers below when planning a trip from Moscow. These airlines fly direct and with connections, this also includes code sharing flights.

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