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Vistara flight delay compensation

Have you travelled with Vistara recently and had a flight disruption? If the answer is "yes", you may be entitled to a flight delay compensation by Vistara regardless of whether you are a frequent flyer or travelling for the first time. There is a number of boxes to check, but the process is easy if you know what to do when submitting a claim to Vistara or any other airline. Just read the collated information below carefully that will hopefully explain you your rights and the steps to take to get your compensation money.

How to get compensation money from an airline?

Start from checking Vistara flight for compensation - to get an idea of what you may be entitle to in a few clicks.

Although most airlines are trying to stick to their schedules to avoid delays, as those have financial implications such as airport fees, sometimes disruptions can happen affecting everyone in this chain. Regardless of whose fault it is, there are strict rules and regulations that the world's airlines need to adhere to when operating flights. Therefore all air passengers are advised to know their rights when flying to any destination.

If you don't wish to go through the complexities of the airlines compensation schemes, that may also be in different languages, we advise you to use a simple compensation checker by entering your (1) flight number that you travelled with or were supposed to travel, (2) your route - e.g. departure and arrival airports, (3) the actual airline name, which in our case is Vistara and the (4) travel dates. At this point you don't need to worry about any additional information as some basic checks will allow you to establish whether the flight can be questioned and the claim submitted. Once you have been given green light to go ahead and to claim compensation, a few extra steps will be required, such as sharing your full name and email address, that will be used by the claims processing team to file a complaint against Vistara on your behalf.

Tracking the claim status is also very easy and intuitive - all you need to do, is to login and check for any updates. All important communication regarding you flight delay compensation claim with Vistara will also be sent out to you by email. You will have full visibility.

Important: please note, that no payments are taken upfront and you don't need to transfer any money for the service provided. Only a small success fee will be deducted from the payment you may be due once Vistara confirms the payment.

Instances When Vistara does not have to pay?

Depending on the country of take off or landing, or jurisdiction, that regulates the terms and conditions of carriage, including relevant civil aviation authority regulations, airlines across the world including Vistara are liable for paying a compensation to their passengers if a flight has been delayed or cancelled. There may be some exceptions to the rule, when the carriers are not required to pay. Typically those exceptions are related to the damage made to an aircraft by the birds, or a lightning strike, or ambulance attending someone on board. Technical issues at the airport like navigation system failure that may affect airline operations or pose safety risks or even terror threats or incidents.

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