Seas of colour. Five insanely beautiful Russian flower fields you’ll be enchanted by

18 November 2016  
Дaнис Карамов

During spring and summer months, stunning flowers begin to bloom in various parts of the country. In this article, we will tell you about the most unique magic of nature.

Lavender fields, Crimea

Lavender in many countries symbolize mental balance, purity and love. The nice purple colour, warm gentle aura and spicy and sweet smell fascinates even the most stubborn person.

This flower is often associated with the French Provence so you can imagine the surprise of those who see these fields in the Crimea. Between early June and July the lavender field starts blooming near villages like Turgenjeva that Bakhchysarai. But according to the locals, everything depends on the temperature during spring and early summer. If it’s cool, the field will bloom a little later.

Of course, the size of the fields vary. The field in Crimea can be smaller or bigger than in France. All is due to the presence of lush weeds which is difficult to determine beforehand. Less lavender or more, the field always looks amazing. This place has become so attractive that the local village council is trying in every way to fence the fields in order to protect the fields from cars.

Tulip Valley, Crimea

Crimea never ceases to amaze! It looks very much like Holland here. This place is known as the “Village of Amber” in the Krasnogorsk area. Here, 55 people are employed to plant and look after the tulips. This area became famous during the Soviet period. Back in the 70s, the Communist Party had to ensure that maximum tulips were planted in the country for the May holidays. Of course, it provided exactly that and the size of the field is comparable to the ones in Holland.

The size and scope of the tulips are not so good. Unfortunately, they was reduced by 12 times due to a difficult period of restructuring in Russia. Don’t grieve just yet! This area still welcomes visitors. You can buy a pass at the village shop.

Tulips start to bloom here in early May. The great fragrance can be smelled near the village! And the lush colour leaves everyone impressed.

Lotus fields, Astrakhan

The lotus flower is connected with the beginning of the spiritual cleanliness. Buddhists use this flower in their religious paintings - thangka. This flower is associated with the process of enlightenment. Lotuses grow in swampy areas overcoming the mud and slime water. They later make their ways to the sunlight and are eventually revealed.

If you think that lotuses are mainly found in India, China, or Thailand - you’re wrong. Endless fields of lotuses spread in the delta of the river Volga, Astrakhan. The valley spreads to about 45 square meters. The reason the flower is found here is because many migratory birds brought the seeds of this exotic flower here.

This place is divided into a plurality of streams and channels. As a result, fulfilling the needs for this flower to survive. Being here gives you an extraordinary feeling and it looks like a sea of lotuses. The fragrance of the lotus fields has a positive effect on your mood and can ease depression.

Lotuses bloom in the period from late July to early September. Living in Russia, there’s no need for me to deal with a long flight to the east when lotuses grow in Russia!

Flower assorts, Ergaki

If we talk about flower fields, it’s a sin to not to mention Siberia! This place has a huge ecosystem with an incredible diversity of flora. On the western edge of the Sayan Mountains, 200 km from Abakan Natural Park you’ll find Ergaki. In the summer, this place becomes the focal point of a riot of colours. All the colours together is truly a work of art. This beauty can be seen in the month of June.

The field has a huge amount of orange colour and the pleasant odour is amazing. Among the orange, there’s blue specks of violets! But this is only the beginning, here you can also stumble upon a field of wild rhododendrons, yellow buds, gentian etc. In addition to the flower paradise in Ergaki, this place also has a large number of reservoirs, rivers and springs. The water here is delicious and as clean as mountain air.

White poppies, Russian Island

Many people think poppies are traditionally a very red colour. But it’s relatives beg to differ. For example, in the far east you’ll find white poppies blooming! In contrast to red, the white symbolizes sleep and peace of mind. It can often be found in the bays of Russian island.

The poppies grow right on the beach, closer to the water. It will meet the small lawn.The field blooms from June to August. Considering that the island is located in the Sea of Japan, imagine what beautiful landscapes appear before your eyes. The soothing white poppies against the background of blue sea. Be sure to bring your camera!

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