Dear Norway! How to relax in Oslo without spending a coin

01 December 2016  
Михаил Ефимкин
cover photo, Tore Bustad

Many people believe the fact that Norway is a country of very high prices. We’d be lying if we told you this is false. However, this doesn’t mean this Scandinavian capital should remain a white spot on the map. Just book your cheap flights in advance because we’ve listed some interesting places you can visit for free.

The capital of Norway is Oslo. The city perfectly combines entertainment with outdoor recreation. However, it’s quite expensive. Here are other alternatives ...

Take a walk on a roof

Be sure to climb to the roof of The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet Theatre. This futuristic building was built during 2003 and 2007 - it’s been the largest public building here since the Nidaros Cathedral somewhere around the year 1300. The theater stands on the banks of the famous Oslofjord. Its creators were inspired by not only the trends of high-tech architecture, but also above all - the nature of Norway. The roof of the building  is a pedestrian boulevard in several levels paved with white marble. The white track is refracted at different angles. It was invented by Norwegian artists Christian Blystad, Kalle Grude and Jorunn Sanne.

Take a walk on the roof, it’s absolutely free and fun! From here, you can see the water and enjoy the capital from an unusual perspective. On the right side you’ll see the Oslofjord islands with wooden houses. To the left, a panorama of the city center. And if you face the back, you’ll see beautiful hills. During summer, the roof even hosts theatrical performances. When walking around the theater you can find many unusual wild birds - for example, loon, black-headed gull, guillemot, just to name a few.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

The Vigeland Sculpture Park is one of Oslo's most popular attractions. It is located in the western part of the city. There is another museum in a district named Frogner inspired by The Vigeland Sculpture Park. The sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1907-1942) created 227 sculptures for the park made from bronze, granite and cast iron. They are located in an area of 30 hectares. Each statue represents a certain state of a person and sometimes they’re full of deep philosophical meaning. Many statues who are dancing, hugging or running for example have their own connotation.

The central composition located in at the highest point is called the "Monolith". This stele Bole has a height of 14 meters where 121 human figures as carved. This piece took three stone carvers 14 years.

Akershus Fortress

The Akershus Castle is the oldest surviving building of Oslo. It stands on a headland dividing Oslofjord into two bays in Akers river. The castle was built in the XIII century. During the Renaissance it was rebuilt with a few upgrades like new canons and being surrounded by a wall (now called the Akershus fortress). In the citadel, a military garrison, headquarters of the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence, as well as museums as being built.

Access to the fortress is free! There you can wander among the ancient walls, inspect the guns and see the time and the construction of an old soldier uniform.

The river Akerselva

This urban river has a length of just over eight kilometers - an excellent route for a long walk. It will introduce you to the different areas of the city and you will never get lost. On the river there are several waterfalls. The highest of them is next to Hønse-Lovisas hus and bridge Beier.


Active holidays for budget travelers

If you come here in summer - try taking a dip! The beach Hyuk on Byugdëye is not too far from Oslo city center. This is the last stop of bus №30A. Might we also suggest plunging into the water in "Paradise bay” (Paradisbukta). It is a lake in the woods on one of the islands of Oslofjord.

Forest Oslomarka is a winter wonderland where you can ice skate and ski for free. In the city center from December to February the Narvisen rink is open. Another rink is on Frogner Stadium, it is open from January to mid-March. Both rinks free. 

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