A piece of India. Souvenirs to take home from this country

14 January 2017  
Михаил Ефимкин
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India is an incredible country and if you go there you’re probably going to want to bring back souvenirs for your friends and family. So what are the best ideas for souvenirs, you ask? In this article, we’ll guide you to what you can bring back from your trip.

Spiritual items

It's no wonder the country is called the Holy Land. Many spiritual teachings happen throughout India. This is where you can get acquainted with different religions. Note that for each teaching there’ll be ritual things involved, for example the rosary and much more. They’re made from fruit trees, plants, mineral stones and even bones! The goal of these items are to improve health and spiritual strength or to create a specific mood or zen. You can buy these items in stalls near temples or holy places. Don’t be shy to ask for advice on how to use the products. This souvenir is a good option for those who are seriously engaged in spiritual practices or intend to undertake them.

Another idea in this category are different crystals. Their appearance, cut and stone will not only remind you of your trip but will also be pleasing to the eye.

Maybe you’re interested in figurines? There’s a lot here! There are figures for all tastes: spiritual perfection, lovers of aesthetics and more. The materials from which they are manufactured include wood, plaster, metal and stone. Dimensions are very variable and requests can be taken.There’s something for everyone. Usually, poor people will sell you the goods however this doesn’t mean poor quality is being sold. In Tibetan monasteries, every statue is confirmed of being ritual.


Of course we were going to mention spices in this article! There’s such a variety of them which you can hardly find anywhere else. The prices are affordable and the quality is top notch. Decorate your favorite food with the flavours of Indian spices and you’ll see why they’re famous all over the world.

Also try the local black salt, it’s considered very useful for health. The smell is peculiar because it’s made from natural volcanic rock salt, however it’s not so terrible that it’s unbearable. Don’t worry, while cooking the odour disappears and the pleasant flavour is left on the dish.

Speaking of herbal mixtures Masala chai is worth mentioning. This mixture generally contains black pepper, dried ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves. This spice mixture is added to sweet black tea with milk - which is so amazing warm in winter. Believe me, you’ll end up drinking more than one cup of this drink!

Indian sweets should be taken home with you too! But they should be consumed within two days of purchase as they are natural made with rose water, milk and sugar cane.

Copper cookware

If you are an avid cook or a supporter of healthy food, then you probably know about the benefits of cooking in a copper pan. This metal is able to heat or cook food much faster and more even on a slow fire than others. All this is due to the high heat conduction copper and its unique properties including bactericidal. As you can see, this dish is simply priceless, so in India copper ware is given special attention. The choice is huge! In addition, you can always negotiate prices with the seller.

Beauty Items

Girls should definitely grab a Indian Kajal - a natural eyeliner. It can be used both for healing the eyes at night and during the day as a cosmetic agent. By the way, it is used as a remedy for the evil eye and spoilage.

Sandalwood paste is used in India for rituals. It’s perfect for the skin. Also the paste has a rich aroma which helps to relax.

Pashmina. Where but in India can you find and buy products from the wool of cashmere goats! Pashmina Stoles are incredibly thin, soft and warm. The low cost even further warms the soul. In general, any products from cashmere - jackets, blankets, pillows, carpets - are usually of excellent quality and most importantly - all handmade. A decent excuse to buy a souvenir.


Neti pots are small pots with specially curved spouts. They’re intended for nasal lavage. This unusual pitcher is recommended to those who are familiar with colds and suffer from headaches. Be sure to use this product under supervision of an experienced master.

Triphala is a very popular remedy is  in India. It cleanses the body of harmful substances due to the extremely natural ingredients. Indian doctors say this this works on everyone. But we advise you to consult your doctor before using .

Planning new journeys

Bring a notebook from India made of natural paper. Firstly it is made out of natural materials. Paper notebooks from here have such a pleasant natural aroma of herbs and look simply stunning. Every notebooks has its own unique style. Secondly, in India the price is much more affordable than at home. Third, the performance of a notebook is amazing due to the natural skin and quality.

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